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How to Live Transfer with FreePBX or Asterisk

For sales inquiries, contact Rob @ 888.235.o5o5 Something that comes up time and time again is the desire to do warm and/or “live transfers” on Asterisk and FreePBX systems. (Including Trixbox, elastix, and others). Basically the way it goes is

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How to monitor certain Queues with Chanspy

In this installment of, we are going to talk about listening to specific queues with FreePBX. Previously, we showed you how to How to barge with freepbx, and now this is how to spy on queues that may each

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Solved: Beginning of IVR Message Cut off

Problem: When calling an inbound line, the first part of the message is chopped off. Answer: When using IVR’s in FreePBX, cutoff messages rarely happen, because it configures the dialplan to leave a bit of silence at the beginning of

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Making them Talk – Connecting to Clients<#Connecting Systems Part 3 – Custom dialplan that makes it happen. Alright, now onto the juicy bits. If you did a bit of testing after last episode, you noticed that even you have an IVR programmed on your system to

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Making them talk – Outbound Routes<#Connecting Phone Systems Part 2 – Outbound Routes Earlier in this series we talked about connecting two FreePBX boxes using Friend Trunking. Now, I’ll show you how get your boxes talking to each other. First, let’s talk about your goals:

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