How to Live Transfer with FreePBX or Asterisk

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Something that comes up time and time again is the desire to do warm and/or “live transfers” on Asterisk and FreePBX systems. (Including Trixbox, elastix, and others). Basically the way it goes is you have agents making calls, and you want to transfer those calls to a closer, however you want the agent to stay on the line the entire time, to make sure the client doesn’t hang up, and also to provide that second voice that’s so critical in sales.

Unfortunately, this is not something that is supported natively in asterisk or FreePBX. ┬áThis is essentially a 3-way call, however, with asterisk, if you do a 3-way call, and the agent hangs up, everyone’s call is hung.

However, one of our flagship products fills this exact need! Let’s give an overview:

Our flexible system allows users or agents to transfer calls into a common queue with a simple featurer code, like #5. This allows and simple, easy to remember code for agent’s to use, and all calls go to the same queue.

“But what if we have different groups of closers, and need to send calls to different queues?”

That’s no problem! Our system allows your manager or administrator to go to a web-based interface, and customize each extension, so that each agent can have a different closer queue. Example: You set up agent 1001 – 1005 to use queue 555 and agents 1006 – 1009 to use queue 556.

But that’s not all! Also included in this system, is the ability to let your agents invite any extension or queue into the conversation, using a command like ##1,{Extension}#, this will start a warm transfer with the number in {Extension}.

“Is it compatible with FreePBX, Trixbox, Elastix, Asterisk, etc?”

It is compatible with any Asterisk based PBX. Currently, the web-interface has it’s own authentication, however we are working on turning this into a full-fledged add-on for FreePBX, allowing direct control of this feature within the PBX administration screen.

This unique product is not available anywhere else. This is a very common need that I have had many clients seek me for, usually when their normal Phone Tech is unable to make it happen.

This is a very mature and stable system, that can integrate fully into Asternic, and other reporting engines.

Because of the vast array of different versions and setups of Asterisk and FreePBX-based systems, every order also requires us to perform the initial configuration and installation, in order to properly support your environment.

If this is something you want, or would like more information on, call today! 888.235.o5o5

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2 comments on “How to Live Transfer with FreePBX or Asterisk
  1. Chris Filipponi says:

    Our agency has a free pbx system in place now and we are looking for a way to warm transfer calls to an outside agency who handles certain business for us, like the old POTS 3-way calls used to do. Is that possible?

    • hackrr says:

      Yes this is possible, I apologize for the late response, as I have been working. It requires a much more complicated setup though, and I offer this service to my customers, so if you’re interested, feel free to call me. 888.235.O5O5

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