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Installing Asternic with FreePBX

First let’s mention what Asternic is before how to install asternic.. Asternic is a reporting platform for FreePBX and Asterisk that focuses on Queues. It scans the queue_log created by asterisk, and develops excellent reports and graphs from this data.

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Blocking Outbound Calls to Area Codes / States

If you run a large business, eventually you will run into problems with certain people or places, as the saying goes, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. For example, say you need to stop calling a certain state,

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Making them Talk – Connecting to Clients<#Connecting Systems Part 3 – Custom dialplan that makes it happen. Alright, now onto the juicy bits. If you did a bit of testing after last episode, you noticed that even you have an IVR programmed on your system to

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