Installing Asternic with FreePBX

First let’s mention what Asternic is before how to install asternic..

Asternic is a reporting platform for FreePBX and Asterisk that focuses on Queues. It scans the queue_log created by asterisk, and develops excellent reports and graphs from this data.

It is compatible with FreePBX 2.8, 2.9 and 2.10 (if you have 2.11 you can make it work by manually applying the patch included)

I have since installed this twice, and will let you know some of the challenges, and where it went smoothly, along the way.

With FreePBX 2.9, on a 32 bit system, the install went very well.

I followed the INSTALL instructions specified to the letter, and things went very well. The one problem is that I did it while the system was live, and something about that caused a conflict, and the phone lines weren’t hanging up, so after an hour we couldn’t make or receive calls, since there were hundreds of active calls, and all of our channels were in use.

Things to look out for is make sure you actually read the top parts of all of the included scripts, there are often config settings you should set first.

Also, I recommend creating a separate mysql user for the qstats database and using that in the script.

On FreePBX 2.10, however, there were a few major issues, that some new or inexperienced sys admins may have trouble with so I’m including the solution here.

First off, even though I was applying the included patch that was made for FreePBX 2.10, the patch failed and did not apply successfully. I dug into how to apply the patch and got it to work.

Basically, there is just one line in the patch file that has a + next to it. Find the context in the file and just insert that one line, and delete the + sign. Tada! Patch installed!

Secondly,this system was 64 bit, but the packaged version of the ioncube loader was 32 bit only, and it didn’t work. All that came up on the web interface was a cryptic message about the file not being loaded, even though the command to load the file was there, and the file existed.

When I tried to manually run the script, I noticed a “wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32” error and from there realized that I needed the 64 bit binary, so I downloaded that from ioncubes site and that hurdle was avoided.

Also, if you use recorded files, be aware that the default setup will move any queue calls into a different folder, so be wary of this as well.

I don’t have any affiliation with Asternic, but if it sounds like something you might want to buy, please let me know and I will work out a referral system with them 😉 (And maybe a discount for you!)

Best regards everyone!

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